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Meet the Browns

Hey friends! 🙂 Just wanted to drop in a tell y’all the who, what, and why that embodies the Browns. We are Lee and Kellee Brown. We have been adventuring together for 5ish years now. We met and started running together, moved out to Colorado in nothing but a teardrop camper, we made all our apartment furniture out of pallets we got for free behind Chucky Cheese (still my favorite furniture ever), we adventured through the Rockies for a year and a half, moved back to the Midwest, continued to build new products and kids toys out of scrap wood, got engaged running a 50 mile race, got married in October 2019, and here we are prepping for our next adventure into parenthood.

Little Brown joining the adventure September 2020 and we are thrilled!

Basically Lee and I LOVE spending time together. We will do anything involving being outside, being active, being spontaneous, creating , and really just anything that is positive and happy. We’ll climb a mountain tomorrow, run a painful yet beautiful race tomorrow, go on a camping trip tomorrow, move to a different state tomorrow, demo our house tomorrow, catch a fish tomorrow, or repurpose something old into something useful tomorrow. We just enjoy doing it all together. So here we are sharing what we love, what we create, and what we do. Why? Because we love being together, being busy, and a creating a life that makes us and others smile.

Thanks for stopping in and following along. Stay tuned for our next crazy idea…

~ Kellee and Lee

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