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How to make a bench out of an old vintage suitcase…

Hey there everyone! 🙂 So if you saw the last post you probably saw our baby bassinet we made out of an old suitcase. Well, we didn’t want to just throw away the list to the suitcase and thought there has to be something we can turn this into. And flash forward to the future, I have a dream Scrappy Wood project of building a beautiful make-up vanity. I LOVE sitting down to get ready. So stay tuned for that one. Anyway, so we decided to turn the suitcase lid into a bench for me to sit on by that future vanity. Check it out!!

What we used:

• Suitcase lid

• Scrap Cedar Wood

• 3/4” plywood

• foam pad

• baby blanket or any type of fabric

How we did it:

  • Made the legs and base out of the scrap cedar wood.
  • Put the suitcase lid on the base.
  • Cut the plywood to fit inside the suitcase lid.
  • Attached the suitcase lid and the plywood inside the the base.
  • Cut another plywood chunk the same size as the previous one and set foam on it.
  • Wrapped fabric around foam and plywood.
  • Stapled fabric to the plywood on the bottom side.
  • Set foam and fabric piece inside the suitcase lid (plywood side first).

There you have it!! 🙂 Check out our video for the full process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArRM1PylREU&t=1s

Thanks for checking us out!! Until next time friends.

Stay Scrappy!!

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