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Building a Hexagon Shelf

Hey everyone! Kellee here 🙂 So for this project I was SOO excited because when I thought of the idea I was certain I could handle every step of it without the assistance of Mr. Handyman husband. I even told him all about it and was excited to tell him “I do NOT need your help!” 🙂 So I tackled the project while he was at work and I must tell you that I did it ALL by myself. Right down to hanging on the wall. Okay, I did have to ask for a quick answer on how to adjust the chop saw, but come on, basically did it all by myself!! High five!!!


  • Wood board
  • Wood glue
  • Nail Gun
  • Torch (or stain or paint)
  • Chop saw

How it went down:

  • First, was to cut the board into 6 equal lengths. (hexagon = 6) 🙂
  • I measured my first cut at 7.5″
  • Then from the there I made sure to cut each end of the board at a 30 degree angle. (this is where I needed help figuring out how to adjust the saw)
  • I did this for all 6 boards and made sure they were the same length.
  • Then I torched all the boards. (Diggin the torched look these days)
  • Next, I set up all 6 boards in the shape of the hexagon.
  • I applied wood glue where each board connects.
  • Then, got out the nail gun to secure them together. (probably the hardest part for me)
  • Finally, I put it up on the wall.

This was a simple and fairly quick project and I love it as a plant stand. You can also make it so several hexagon shelves are attached together, which looks super awesome if you have a good wall for it.

Thanks for checking us out. Watch the video for the whole process.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zfwNrfKjmU

Stay Scrappy!!

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