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The Quick And Easy Way We Added A Wall To Our Home

Hey friends! Scrappy Wood back at it! This time we used our scrappy brains and our scrappy pieces to add one wall to our home creating another small room. We had a weird arched wall in our house that was the entrance to a small room or dining area. If you’ve seen a house built in ancient times you have probably seen this look. Anyways, so we wanted to close off the archway and make the space a little more useful. Here is how it went down.

  • We used scrap 2×4’s to make the studs and left room for a door.
  • We put up some sheetrock we had in the garage and just had to go buy one more piece.
  • We decided the skip the mudding and taping step and found clearance paneling at Menard’s. (a weird red color, but we figured we could paint it)
  • We took off the old trim and floor boards.
  • We put up the panels.
  • Painted them red.
  • Made new trim out of scrap pieces in the garage.
  • Stained them dark walnut.
  • Put up the trim.
  • And called it a wall….and an office. 🙂

This was our quick, easy, and budget-friendly way of creating useful space in our home.

Check out our video to see the whole process.

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