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Hello from Scrappy Woods, we are a family owned business in Duluth, MN. Our designs are made from locally sourced reclaimed wood. Each one is carefully handmade in our garage shop and we take pride in every detail! See what we have to offer and thank you so much for giving us your shopping time!

Our round earrings are a nice change up to your typical style and can be wore with just about anything!

They are approximately 0.75 inches (earring diameter) by 1.5 inches (drop length) by 0.75 inch (width) by 0.25 inch (thick).

Made from reclaimed wood and by hand so each piece may vary slightly from our pictures, but we can guarantee the utmost care is put into making the design look perfect for your wardrobe!

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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