Building our Crib!!

Hey there everyone! 🙂 If you read our last post you probably discovered that we are expecting a little adventure bud. So to prepare for our little one we are doing what we do best……getting scrappy!! Our plan is to try our best to build everything, use what we have, and just buy the things we cannot actually build. It has been so much fun and also saves us some money, which is real nice. We thought we would share our projects that we make for baby Brown’s nursery.

First up: Crib!!!

Steps to our cozy crib:

  1. Searched for ideas. We browsed cribs on pinterest and the internet to get our ideas flowing.
  2. Bought a mattress. We just chose the cheapest one at Walmart, which was $40.
  3. We looked up standard crib regulations and then based the dimensions off of the size of the mattress.
  4. We found that the space between the rails should be 2″ or less.
  5. Browsed our garage for the materials we wanted to use. We ended up using 3/4″ plywood, richlite, decking rails, and four posts for each corner.
  6. Then, we got busy!
  7. Check out our video for the whole process! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sckCDKIhQr4


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